Through My Mommy’s Bellybutton

This is Helen Chin Lui’s first children’s book “Through My Mommy’s Bellybutton”. The Magic of a Baby Growing Inside the Belly Not Only Captures Moms-to-Be but Curious Children Everywhere.

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“Through My Mommy’s Bellybutton” is a delightful story written from the point of view of the baby inside the belly eager to join his family in the outside world.

We know expectant mothers want to share the excitement of the new baby with their family, but toddlers, preschoolers, or even early elementary age children aren’t always as excited about this blessed event.

Help your children bond with the new baby and help them share in your anticipation and excitement by reading “Through My Mommy’s Bellybutton” with them!

Book summary“Through My Mommy’s Bellybutton” is a delightful story written from the unique point of view of the baby in the belly. What do babies do in the womb?

Little Brian uses a bumper car and bumps up and down and all around the womb! He wants to play, so he finds his toy box. As he goes through the toys, he finds a wonderful red telescope. He knows just what to do! He takes it to his mommy’s bellybutton, so he can look out at the world he will soon be in.

This story can:

  • Create opportunities for your children to imagine;
  • Help young children understand where they were before they were born;
  • Allow you to set the stage for the exciting arrival of a new child in the family;
  • Help young children anticipate the arrival of a new brother or sister;
  • Give you the opportunity to read with your children; and
  • Encourage Family Bonding.



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