How to Read a Reflexology Map, Reflexology Hand Techniques, and How to Interpret Health By Skin Color – 3 Part

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To give a Reflexology session you need how to prepare your hands, know what points to press on the feet and determine the health of the person by looking at the color and tone of the feet. Let Certified Reflexologist Helen Chin Lui teach you in this three-part series what to look for:

  1. How to use your thumbs and fingers in a Reflexology session without injuring your hands (3.42)
  2. How to read and interpret a Reflexology map (5:04)
  3. How to read the health of a person by looking at the skin tone on the feet (2:32)

Reflexology Finger and Thumb Technique with Certified Reflexologist, Helen Chin Lui

Learn the basic thumb and finger techniques without hurting your hands while giving a Reflexology session. These techniques will help to prevent injury and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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