Reiki Healing Meditation to Release Stress and Anxiety

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Reiki Healing Meditation To Release Stress and Anxiety

The goal of a Reiki healing meditation is to have peace, balance, and being able to let go of negative experiences. Meditation is a skill, like any skill, it takes time to learn how to quiet the mind. With practice, meditation can help to reduce anxiety and depression.

When meditating, the brain and nervous system relaxes to be able to support the body by reducing and preventing stress and anxiety from physically and emotionally harming you.

This lesson provides guidelines for healing, grounding, and anxiety releasing meditation.

Some guidelines to set up for a meditation:

  • Find a quiet and undisturbed space for 30 minutes
  • Shut off all electronics
  • Set the intention for the healing
  • Quiet your chattering mind
  • Invite spirit guides to accompany you on this meditation
  • Decide to sit up or lie down
  • Play soft background music
  • After the meditation, drink water, and sit quietly.


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