Hand Reflexology to Release Stress and Anxiety

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Hand Reflexology to Release Stress and Anxiety

Anyone can use the self-care approach to activate healing. Reflexology does just that. Reflexology is a science and an art. Since ancient times, working with the feet, hands, and ears have helped the body to achieve health and wellness. People from all corners of the world practice Reflexology for relaxation, pain relief, and wellness.

A Reflexology session can occur anywhere with no equipment other than a pair of skilled hands. It is a total therapy that affects the whole person–physically, emotionally, while connecting to your spirit.

Anyone can learn basic and easy techniques for quick stress and anxiety relief. In this lesson, you will learn Reflexology techniques to release stress and anxiety on your hands. As you work the points, you can most likely feel the stress melting away. You can give yourself a healing session every day until you feel better. Eventually, you can give yourself a Reflexology once a week or month or as needed. Once you know the Reflexology steps, you will be able to give yourself a relaxing hand reflexology session in 10 minutes. After a Reflexology session, drink plenty of water to wash body toxins. 

There is a downloadable manual to accompany this lesson so that you can follow along.

hand reflexology map

Downloadable Step by Step Hand Reflexology to Release Stress and Anxiety


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