Self Care for Your Hands, 2-Part Series

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Most of us take our hands for granted until they begin to hurt. We assume they will always function promptly, especially for those people who use their hands in various trades, such as office work, manual labor, various health care trades. Hand pain can be caused by disease (arthritis, MS, Raynaud’s Phenomenon) injury, repetitive motion including carpal tunnel syndrome, in Certified Reflexologist, Helen Chin Lui’s case, overusing fingers and thumbs in reflexology treatments.

There are many things we can do to care for our hands to prevent injuries, such as:

  • Hand anatomy
  • Stretching, exercising and strengthening our fingers, thumbs, and hands
  • Massaging our hands to increase circulation
  • Wrist Support to avoid injury

For ultimate luxury, how about bathing your hands in hot wax?. Not only is the hot wax bath is comforting and sooth your hands, but it will help to increase the blood circulation in the hands.

What will you learn in this series:

  •    Home Care for your Hands 17:39
  •    Hot Wax Hand Treatment  7:11


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