COVID, Cold, Flu, and Asthma Relief and Support With Hand Reflexology, 4-parts

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Cold, Flu, Respiratory Relief and Support with Hand Reflexology

Take Steps to Protect Your Health

There is so much news about the Coronavirus and the flu. Everyone is worry and afraid of contracting these illnesses. There are many ways you can protect your health by taking basic protective measures.

During the winter months we have a tendency to stay indoors more. The air is very dry while harmful pathogens  are trying to find their way into the body to cause health problems. In the warm months the moist air promotes mucus production that coats the nose and respiratory system while trapping harmful pathogens. This is why we have the tendency to become sick during the cold months. 

Cold, Flu and Respiratory Relief and Support with Hand Reflexology

This Coronavirus, cold, flu relief and respiratory support Hand Reflexology course teaches how to build and support your immune system with hand reflexology. Once you learn the steps, it will only takes 5 minutes to do this reflexology procotol. You may repeat these steps a couple of times a week to continue building your immune system. After you are done with the steps, please drink plenty of water to flush out toxins.

What this course is design to help you with:

  • Support Your Immune System
  • Support Lung and Respiratory Systems
  • Support Digestive and Liver Systems
  • Encourage toxins to move through your intestines
  • Support Lymphatic System

Cold, Flu and Respiratory Hand Reflexology Course includes:

  • Video: Respiratory Support and Relief Hand Reflexology 11:09
  • Hand reflexology map
  • Downloadable step by step accompanying manual to follow along.
  • Recipe for Elderberry Syrup to support your immune system

To purchase a pair of reflexology foot model to see the reflex points up clos

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