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I took Helen's e-course "First Step to Your Spiritual Journey" and I absolutely loved it! Even though I had already embarked on my spiritual journey, I felt I needed more. The guided meditations were great, especially the one on meeting my spirit guides (I hadn't done that in a while). And I really needed to listen to the lesson on boundaries (that's a constant work-in-progress in my life). Her approach made it very easy for me to stay engaged - Helen is personable and down to earth. I feel more grounded now that I've completed the course. And I'm glad I took it, because it definitely validated my path. 🙂
Jennie Sharples
Helen is a great teacher and her video are quite informative. She is very knowledgeable and I enjoyed learning about how to connect with my spirit and spirit guides.
I love you <3 Thank you so much. You helped me heal my nervous stomach, you helped me heal my 2 months headache ... <3 You are an angel .. to me .. love for India ... Only love
Anamay Shastry
From India
Hi Helen I've long been a believer in acupuncture & acupressure etc. I live in Florida now. Thanks for all your videos. I use all techniques on myself to settle down my body, mind & spirit. Stay well!
Elise Rosenberg
From Florida
.. I love that you got into it because of your son's illness. I wish I could be as brave as you to change or even eliminate things (and/or people) who are not beneficial in our lives. And you know how many times I have wanted to stop and ask an acquaintance mid-sentence, why have you gone on and on about someone and something I know nothing about. Your honesty in your book is refreshing and I am so very proud of you, Helen!
On my journey to a healthier life, this book has helped immensely. I enjoy the meditations included and the information is eye opening! Helen Chin Lui has made it easy to understand energy and how it relates to me & others around me. Worth reading all day long!
Becky P
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